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Tour of the archaeology site

This evening I was invited to a tour of the archaeology site I have been working at, led by one of the lead archaeologists. Even though I work there, it was good to get a review of everything that has been discovered in the previous years that I haven’t been there. It also gave me a chance to hear about new developments, including the opening of a new trench on site, which I will hopefully be involved with this weekend!

As well as reviewing all the trenches I listened to the history of the site, which will be presented in a written report and available to read soon. What I didn’t realise till visiting tonight, was just how big Shakespeare’s final house was. Because of what has been discovered through uncovering foundations, New Place was connected to Nash House during the 1530s. In the courtyard they have found evidence of a water source which may well have been shared between the two buildings.

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A bit of progress

Today (after the torrential rain of Saturday) I went to the archaeology site in Stratford to help out as usual. I thought most of the site would be waterlogged, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to swim to excavate! I have taken some photographs to document a bit of the progress that has been made!

The medieval corridor!

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So, as promised, here are the pictures of the dig site at Stratford…my previous post showed a photograph of the front of Nash House before the digging…

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Phew what a day! Today I spent my time at Stratford at Nash House, doing a lot of digging. To explain a bit, there is an archaeological dig happening at the New Place site at Nash House. Nash House was named after Thomas Nash, first husband of Shakespeare’s granddaughter, and a wealthy local property owner.Today, it is a well preserved Tudor building and the ground floor is furnished as it would have been in Nash’s day. It is a pretty amazing place to look around.

Next door to Nash’s House are the foundations of New Place. This was the house bought by William Shakespeare in 1597. By the late 1590s, Shakespeare was an established playwright and had amassed enough wealth to afford a new family home. New Place was the second biggest house in Stratford at the time and it was where Shakespeare lived when he was not in London. He died there in 1616.


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