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Recent Roman news

I’ve been writing articles for friends these past few days so I hope my blog wont get neglected too much. Luckily, because I am involved in so many organisations and also friends with such interesting people, I have no end of blog material for posts.

This post is particularly interesting as the story was in the news! The Bloxwich Research and Metal Detector Club, who I have mentioned before when I visited Tamworth, have been busy finding Roman goodies! The whole find, comprising of five brooches and four bronze coins, was unearthed from land near Overseal last month, which reveals the site has a Roman past.

dolphin’-style brooch

Image taken from Burton Mail Newspaper.

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Hadrian’s Wall

MORE ARCHAEOLOGY- yes, I know you’re excited. Well, I decided to create a photobook from all the photographs I took on my trip to Hadrian’s Wall. It includes some Anglo-Saxon as well as Roman archaeology and information, as well as some interesting artefacts from museum collections.

I’m getting it printed in a fab hardback edition so I can gloat over my photographic skills. It is also to remind me of the sweaty humid hike I took up to Housesteads Roman Fort- I thought at the time that it would be amazing to just power walk to the top. However, when I got to the top, my legs decided to shake uncontrollably and I was reminded of how unfit I am.

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Wroxeter Roman City

I’ve become slightly obsessed with Roman history in Britain recently- which is strange because I’ve actually started to work on an Anglo-Saxon collection at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. But before I even start on the Anglo-Saxon updates, I thought I would share some more of the sites I’ve been visiting. Its interesting that some of the sites I have been visiting do have Anglo-Saxon evidence present!

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