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Down The Rabbit Hole…An Interview

It’s been a few weeks in the making, and here it is, my interview with the amazing vintage furniture business ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ who have allowed me to bombard them with questions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope everyone else with enjoy reading the results!

For further details, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ have started a blog, which is definitely worth checking out!

The Interview

Firstly, if you could tell me a bit about yourself and how the business started?

Down The Rabbit Hole was created as a joint venture between myself and Sarah Tissington. We met at University at the start of a nursing course – about as far away form vintage furniture as you can get! We discovered a shared love of charity shops, flea markets and ‘vintage’ which led to DTRH today. We received a good response from friends and family to the first pieces we made which gave us the idea, and the confidence, to market our furniture to the public.

Fantastic! It’s great to find out how these things unfold! Do you have some artistic influences that have helped to shape how you view the objects and restore them?

I studied fine art at Aberystwyth University which encouraged me to view items as pieces of history. Both myself and Sarah believe that all items can be made beautiful with a little love and attention. We take the approach that every outdated or useless piece of furniture was once desirable, and can be again. This does mean that we end up with lots of worse for wear pieces hanging around the studio waiting for inspiration to strike! It’s too easy to throw things away without using a little imagination and hard work to make them better than before.

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