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Arrangements in Black and Grey: Exhibition at the National Trust’s Fox Talbot Museum

An exhibition exploring the relevance of black and white photography in the 21st century opens at the National Trust’s Fox Talbot Museum on the 12th of April. Arrangements in Black and Grey focuses on the work of six UK photographers: Nettie Edwards, Trevor Ashby, Katie Cooke, Anthony Jones, Deborah Parkin and Mark Voce. The works range from monochrome photographs shot on film to iPhone images.

The museum itself celebrates the achievements of former Lacock resident, William Henry Fox Talbot, famous for his contributions to the invention of photography. At the Lacock Abbey which is a part of the museum and village, the 800 year history is retold through the memories of its last owner, Matilda Talbot whose grandfather was William Henry Fox Talbot.

William Henry Fox Talbot, calotype of Talbot’s three daughters

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A World Elsewhere: photo reportage from around the world

Since living in Stratford, I have slowly come to realise that there are lots of hidden gems in town. For example, the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre is not just a theatre! There are little galleries inside hosting exhibitions. I was lucky enough to view one of the exhibitions entitled ‘A World Elsewhere’ which is running till the 3rd of March.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

The theatre in Stratford.

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Looking for that rustic charm…

Today, as I browsed through the photographs on my camera (which are still not printed or uploaded arrrgh!) I was reminded of a project I was forced to do at art school. I say forced, as the completion of the project was one of the conditions for securing a place at the school ready for the September induction. So anyhoo, this project was entitled ‘1000 ways of seeing’ and involved being a bit of a tramp, scouring the streets for bits of dropped rubbish that ‘sparkled’ and ‘looked pretty’. We were even encouraged to find scraps of takeaway paper from McDonald’s big macs…I despair just thinking about it!!

I think this was the beginning of the end for me and my relationship with contemporary art, but anyway, I digress. So, as well as finding all these ‘pretty’ materials and placing them in a box ready for safe keeping, we had to take photographs of doors. Yes, doors. By the end of the summer I hated them. I was sick of seeing open doors, closed doors, old doors, new doors, flipping doors!!

And yet, as I browsed through my recent photographs, I seemed to have slipped into this forgotten habit of photographing them. Shock horror! I give you… Exhibit A:


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Gallery Day

Told you the Anglo-Saxon stuff would be coming…

I love Mondays (yes you read that right) and I shall tell you why. Every Monday I work at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, specifically on the Staffordshire Hoard. This isn’t just any Anglo-Saxon Hoard- its the only Anglo-Saxon Hoard, which is why I get hundreds of visitors to see it (even on a Monday!). I love my job as I get to spend the day wandering around chatting to lots of visitors, answering questions on history, talking to people about their interests. As you can probably tell, I’m a bit sociable.

I also get to do lots of research surrounding the Hoard and all the general theories about what it is and why it ended up in a field just outside of Lichfield. Here are some of the items from the whole collection:


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Hadrian’s Wall

MORE ARCHAEOLOGY- yes, I know you’re excited. Well, I decided to create a photobook from all the photographs I took on my trip to Hadrian’s Wall. It includes some Anglo-Saxon as well as Roman archaeology and information, as well as some interesting artefacts from museum collections.

I’m getting it printed in a fab hardback edition so I can gloat over my photographic skills. It is also to remind me of the sweaty humid hike I took up to Housesteads Roman Fort- I thought at the time that it would be amazing to just power walk to the top. However, when I got to the top, my legs decided to shake uncontrollably and I was reminded of how unfit I am.

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Wroxeter Roman City

I’ve become slightly obsessed with Roman history in Britain recently- which is strange because I’ve actually started to work on an Anglo-Saxon collection at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. But before I even start on the Anglo-Saxon updates, I thought I would share some more of the sites I’ve been visiting. Its interesting that some of the sites I have been visiting do have Anglo-Saxon evidence present!

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