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You’re my souvenir

Now, you all know I write about art and heritage right? Right. But this has got me thinking about some things. What about our own personal heritage? What is it that we carry around with us, that makes us feel connected to where we are, our past, our lives? I know, this is getting deep!

Since my previous post talked about connections, reflection and memories through the art of Goudie, I have been thinking about my own past and, in particular, the people in my life who have helped me to become the person I am today. I studied heritage at University, but it has always been ‘the whole picture,’ the ‘grand scale’ of world heritage, or national heritage. But what about our own heritage? And what exactly is heritage?!

The Ancient City of Sigiriya, Sri LankaThe Ancient City of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, a World Heritage Site…do you feel connected?

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