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A load of junk!

Last craft week at Kinver *sad face* so to mark the end of all the crafty goodness, I have put a final post about our creative activities! This week we did junk modelling, or as another member of staff called it ‘recycling sculptures’ haha.


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Mobile art

Yesterday I helped with the second to last craft event at Kinver and we made mobiles!

Using all natural materials, the children hung lots of different objects from the frame. Although the work was really time consuming and a lot of children needed one-on-one help to attach some objects, the results were really cute. We also saw a huge increase in numbers from just under 30 children every Thursday for the first previous weeks, to 45 this Thursday. It meant the day went really fast as so many children wanted to get involved! I was so tired by the end of it. It also really tested my own skills as its been a long time since I had to do this sort of project and because the objects are so small, even I found it difficult to tie them on!

The play trail project is also coming along nicely and it will be opened at Kinver Edge in September on the 15th. Using all natural materials, the trail involves different areas of the woodland being used as play areas- for example, there is a storytelling area, balancing logs and a snake made out of tree stumps which children can walk across. Once its all finished I shall create a post with lots of photographs! The project runs alongside the National Trust project ’50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4′.

On another note, I have been invited to a lot of art exhibitions which are going to be held over the next coming weeks, so I shall be posting about new art appearing in Birmingham! I am really excited about it all, and delighted that I have been offered the opportunity to snoop at new work.

Craft and confusion


Another week, another event! I have been rather busy for the past few days which is why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual. A few things have come my way and I’m at a crossroads as to which direction I take my career and my future.

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Snakes at Kinver

Yesterday I had a really busy day with the National Trust, helping with an event at Kinver Edge. It was blisteringly hot (and by that I mean, by British standards) so lots of people turned up. In the morning there was a bit of a rush as suddenly twenty children turned up at once!

We ran two activities for the children based around the fact that Kinver Edge has adders in the woodland. Children could make either a snake collage or a snakes and ladders game, or both if they fancied.


Me in the caves, running the activities alongside other members of staff.

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