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Gallery Tour

Continuing with the Heritage Week, I’ve been on a fantastic tour around Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and it was purely by chance that I managed to do it. Initially I heard that I had to book to join it, but when I rang I couldn’t get hold of anyone. So, when I went to Wolverhampton I thought I would pop into the gallery to have a nose around the exhibitions, but- to my delight- the lovely staff allowed me to tag along when I asked about the tour. So a big thank you to the gallery for letting me do the tour!

I have taken some photographs of the some of the exhibitions at the gallery so you can see how amazing it is inside. They have a fantastic collection of Victorian and Georgian art, as well as a great exhibition on Harry Eccleston, the artist who famously designed bank notes. I shall be detailing more about their collections later.

Eccleston Gallery

Eccleston Gallery

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