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I’ve arrived!

Where to begin with all my news…Well, I’ve moved house, I suppose that is a good start! I am now a lot closer to my main place of work in the Stratford archives and I absolutely love the people I live with. The house is amazing, so beautiful and welcoming. They are mad about the Arts too, which means lots of singing and acting! I feel incredibly happy and everything is moving forward.

My new home town!

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Down The Rabbit Hole…An Interview

It’s been a few weeks in the making, and here it is, my interview with the amazing vintage furniture business ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ who have allowed me to bombard them with questions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and hope everyone else with enjoy reading the results!

For further details, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ have started a blog, which is definitely worth checking out!

The Interview

Firstly, if you could tell me a bit about yourself and how the business started?

Down The Rabbit Hole was created as a joint venture between myself and Sarah Tissington. We met at University at the start of a nursing course – about as far away form vintage furniture as you can get! We discovered a shared love of charity shops, flea markets and ‘vintage’ which led to DTRH today. We received a good response from friends and family to the first pieces we made which gave us the idea, and the confidence, to market our furniture to the public.

Fantastic! It’s great to find out how these things unfold! Do you have some artistic influences that have helped to shape how you view the objects and restore them?

I studied fine art at Aberystwyth University which encouraged me to view items as pieces of history. Both myself and Sarah believe that all items can be made beautiful with a little love and attention. We take the approach that every outdated or useless piece of furniture was once desirable, and can be again. This does mean that we end up with lots of worse for wear pieces hanging around the studio waiting for inspiration to strike! It’s too easy to throw things away without using a little imagination and hard work to make them better than before.

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The Wolverhampton Archives

To finish the amazing Heritage Week tour at Wolverhampton, I was lucky enough to view the Wolverhampton Archives which are housed at the beautiful Molineux Hotel, a building steeped in its own grand history. The tour was delivered by Heidi McIntosh, the City Archivist.

The Molineux Hotel, home to the Wolverhampton Archives

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Gallery Tour

Continuing with the Heritage Week, I’ve been on a fantastic tour around Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and it was purely by chance that I managed to do it. Initially I heard that I had to book to join it, but when I rang I couldn’t get hold of anyone. So, when I went to Wolverhampton I thought I would pop into the gallery to have a nose around the exhibitions, but- to my delight- the lovely staff allowed me to tag along when I asked about the tour. So a big thank you to the gallery for letting me do the tour!

I have taken some photographs of the some of the exhibitions at the gallery so you can see how amazing it is inside. They have a fantastic collection of Victorian and Georgian art, as well as a great exhibition on Harry Eccleston, the artist who famously designed bank notes. I shall be detailing more about their collections later.

Eccleston Gallery

Eccleston Gallery

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Restore, repair…I’ll hand it over to an expert

I’ve got a book- no surprise there. Except this book is old, and its falling apart, and its not actually mine. I’ve been handed the daunting task of repairing an old family Bible which looks as though it has seen better days.


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