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Where have I been?

So, as you might have realised, I’ve been away from blogging for a while. I’ve got a very good reason for this, I promise! This week I started working at another place (yes, as you have probably guessed by now, I work at numerous places and for numerous people) which I have devoted myself to for the past few days. And here is where it is…

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A buzz around The Hive

Another day, another tour, but this time I went to Worcester to see the fantastic new library- The Hive. Now I have heard plenty of good things about this place, but have never actually had the chance to see it for myself…until now! Upon first glance, the architecture of the new building really stands out. I was overwhelmed at first, as it veered up at me as I walked around the corner. I was overwhelmed in a good way of course!

Worcestershire County Council and the University of Worcester have worked together to create a new city centre library, history and customer centre for students and also the public. Both the old Public Library and the University Library were outgrowing their premises, and modernisation was needed. After 9 years of planning what has been created is this new combined facility for the whole community to use, drawing people together. The Hive was opened to the public in July of this year, and the students will be coming to Worcester University very soon, so it will be great to see what they make of it!

The Hive The Hive

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The Wolverhampton Archives

To finish the amazing Heritage Week tour at Wolverhampton, I was lucky enough to view the Wolverhampton Archives which are housed at the beautiful Molineux Hotel, a building steeped in its own grand history. The tour was delivered by Heidi McIntosh, the City Archivist.

The Molineux Hotel, home to the Wolverhampton Archives

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Wolverhampton Heritage Open Days

Busy busy busy! I thought it would be a great idea to check out some of the Wolverhampton events, tours and exhibitions happening in the city today. I had a fantastic time, although driving to the city was the scariest experience I’ve had in my car so far- roads of death! I managed to park in the multi-storey right in the centre, then I fumbled my way from the darkness of the underground into the light, emerging right outside the first place on my list to visit. So it all worked out well in the end.

Saint Peter’s Collegiate Church

So, the first place I visited was St. Peter’s Church, a Grade I listed building, which is right in the centre of the city. It is a mix of Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular styles in red sandstone.

St. Peter's Church

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Wroxeter Roman City

I’ve become slightly obsessed with Roman history in Britain recently- which is strange because I’ve actually started to work on an Anglo-Saxon collection at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. But before I even start on the Anglo-Saxon updates, I thought I would share some more of the sites I’ve been visiting. Its interesting that some of the sites I have been visiting do have Anglo-Saxon evidence present!

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Chedworth Visit

Chedworth Roman mosaics

Mosaics at the Roman baths at the Chedworth Roman Villa. The colours really stand out

Chedworth Roman mosaics
Mosaics at the Roman baths at the Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman mosaics
Mosaics at the Roman baths at the Chedworth Roman Villa. These show detail of the ‘seasons’ anthropomorphised

Roman baths at Chedworth

Detail of the underfloor heating at the baths at Chedworth

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