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News regarding the site I help to research and conserve

After a long hectic few months helping to plan and promote some projects that have been in the pipeline for a while, I thought I would update all my loyal followers on some of the recent news for one of the sites I work at in the West Midlands: Kinver Edge. BBC News has produced a report on all the conservation work happening at the site, which really helps to promote all the hard work that has been going on.

I have been working hard on updating their website and processing all the research that the National Trust have been doing for a while. Everything has been so busy and the new year has definitely brought a lot of changes. Seeing as the weather seems to be picking up now, why not head over to Kinver Edge to fly a kite??

Views across Kinver Edge

As well as all the outdoor work I have been doing, there has been a lot going on indoors too with plenty of new re-refurbishment happening at the local library. I have been helping with choosing lots of new materials and putting forth some creative ideas to brighten up the place. I am really excited about the finished look! Already we have had such positive comments from the public and families adore the new Children’s Library. Good times! I am currently doing a promotional project at the library, so watch this space for more news.


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