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Drawn Towards the Sea


John Scott Martin, An Early Morning off the East Coast

I’ve been a busy little bee these past few weeks due to a vast amount of reasons! Why is it that everything happens at once?? Well, since I went to the coast two weeks ago, I have been inspired by the sea, and I thought it was quite fitting that John Scott Martin is producing an exhibition at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery in Birmingham.

John is producing an exhibition of recent drawings, paintings and prints with ships and boats seen under many skies. From classic yachts to bulk carriers, if they are on the water, they are inspirational!

John Scott  Martin

John Scott Martin, Title Unknown

John was born in Nottingham and studied painting at Nottingham College of Art in the 1960’s. He lives in rural Warwickshire, wish is just about as far from the sea as you can get. This doesn’t stop him from making frequent trips to the coast to build his picture library though.

“My inspiration comes from not only the most beautiful ocean going yachts in the world, but smaller sail, such as Thames barges and fishing boats”.

After a long career in graphics, art direction, printing and photography, John returned to his first love, painting, about fifteen years ago. Cornwall, and specifically the mining districts of West Penwith, have provided a constant source of inspiration. In the last decade, John has become increasingly interested in the sea, sail and ships. He loves painting classic yachts, barges and small crafts. Photographs are vital for John’s artistic process because he is so far from the sea.

John is currently President of the RBSA. John’s choice of media depends on the individual subject. Structure, texture and content determine whether he uses collage, acrylic, pastel, ink or mixed media. John always tries to communicate his own personal impressions of light, atmosphere and weather when painting a specific time and place.

John Scott Martin, The End of the Day, Falmouth

John Scott Martin, Atlantic Sunset Sailing towards Brittany

John Scott Martin, Mariquita in the West Solent

I love John’s work. My house is full of paintings of the sea, whether it is a stormy scene at night, or the soft setting sun on the waves in Cornwall, so it is of no surprise that his work appeals to me. I feel a great affinity with the sea itself, and these paintings evoke great nostalgia for me. The exhibition will open on Monday the 20th May until Saturday the 1st of June. Unmissable!

Title image

John Scott Martin, St. Ives and Whitby

And the sea means a lot more to me due to recent events, which I shall be keeping under wraps! But lets just say, it is very good news and I’m so excited about the future and I am very happy!

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2 thoughts on “Drawn Towards the Sea

  1. J. G. Burdette on said:

    I love these! They are so beautiful and detailed.

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