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The work of Patricia Ariel

Serpentarium by Patricia Ariel

I’ve had a few days off to find some inspiration and lo and behold, I’ve come across this gem of an artist: Patricia Ariel!

An artist of surrealist and visionary themes, Patricia was born in 1970 in Brazil, where she lived and worked until moving to the United States. Since she was a little child, she has enjoyed giving life to her private world through her drawings and writings. She has been drawing since the age of three, never remembering a single time of her life when she was not exploring some type of creative language. An artist in every sense of the word, she has been a performing artist- acting, dancing, and singing from her teenage years onwards.


Rebirth by Patricia Ariel

Although in part self-taught, she has had some formal training in visual arts that included academic drawing classes and a background in Fashion Design. Her love for teaching took her to the completion of a bachelors degree in Art Education with a specialisation in History of Art from the Rio de Janeiro State University. But it was just after leaving her homeland that she considered the possibility of becoming a fine artist more seriously.

Ignis Aeris

Ignis Aeris by Patricia Ariel

Currently she has been consistently working as a fine artist, illustrator, and designer,  basing her images on her passion for the figurative art combined with ornamental abstracts. Her inspiration and aesthetic references come from several sources, from the theatre and ballet to Eastern Art, from the Art Nouveau and Jugendstil to contemporary Pop Art, including occult symbolism, Tarot, Astrology and metaphysics.

The Chemistry (Metamorphosis)

The Chemistry (Metamorphosis) by Patricia Ariel

“Whenever I wanted answers or inspiration for life and art, it was not in the mundane or in the ordinary life that I looked for them, but in the unlimited world of my inner reality. This world, inhabited by mysterious places and people, has its own stories, its own rules, its own wisdom. I am only the storyteller.

I think of my work as a celebration of the human experience in the sacred and profane. My language is the one of beauty and emotion, composed upon a hybrid of drawing and painting. Graphite drawing of classically constructed bodies, rendered with oil, acrylic washes and abstract embellishment, reflect the point of contact between the physical and the reality of dreams, spirituality, and abstract perceptions.


Wocekiye by Patricia Ariel

I create my own mythology; characters, stories, fables, worlds that speak and connect with the viewer through the language of symbols and archetypes.  Themes like transformation and transitions, the human duality, spiritual and emotional experiences, and the ties of man with nature and the raw forces of life are often explored. Since I focus primarily on the female figure, I can say that my work is also about the the female experience according to my own vision of the feminine: power, creation, energy, witchcraft, life. My women are forces of nature, sorceresses, bearers of darkness and light.” Patricia Ariel, March 2012.


Excude by Patricia Ariel

I love Patricia’s work: the dream-like essence of her configurations that flit and shimmer with reality and the surreal. Her use of paint and pencil add to the dreamy quality of these works, particularly the blotting of the paint which lifts images through the paper as though they are emerging from the unconscious. I am always thrilled at finding new artwork, and these pieces speak to me on so many levels.


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