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Into the Wild: a photography exhibition

I am pleased to announce this fantastic project which is being organised by my good friend Radka Myslikova, who I have known for several years. Me and Radka met in Aberystwyth where we worked as Curator Assistant’s for a while. While I moved to York, Radka moved to Norwich and has been working hard on the art scene ever since. She is now a self-employed artist, photographer and curator. She has been producing her own artwork for years, which can be viewed on her website

The Exposure Project- Into the wild

The Exposure is a photography exhibition series which began in 2011. The aim of the project is to offer both amateur and professional photographers the opportunity to showcase their artworks in a vibrant and unusual gallery setting.

When Radka took over The Exposure in 2012 she wanted to make it into something more creative and engaging for the public and to draw attention to local talent.

The first exhibition she organised was a show in October 2012, featuring 16 artists. Although the exhibition was only for 10 days they had a very high attendance rate; 425 visitors and over 50 visitors at the private viewing.

After such success she decided to create a photography series with new themes every time a show was featured. This time it is ‘Into the Wild’ – an exhibition depicting the beauty of nature, wildlife and the animal kingdom. Into the Wild will invite the viewer into the world we perceive through our senses.

Radka says of the exhibition: “when we go for a walk in the countryside we discover the beauty of nature that lies around us. We can use all five of our senses but we may still miss out on hidden treasures in the natural world, the things that a trained eye of a photographer can notice easily. Photographers are the ones with the passion and ability to capture and reveal these secrets to us.”


Into the Wild is not just an ordinary photography exhibition. It is a platform opened for debate, exchanging ideas and inspiration. It is about widening circles of artists, it gives a chance for people from all walks of life to exhibit their marvelous images. As a part of a series it draws in new faces, it brings people together and it encourages the viewer to see nature from various perspectives. It makes people think about our surroundings and encourages them to protect the beautiful and the fragile for generations to come.

The exhibition runs from the 14th to the 27th of April 2013 at St. Margarets Church, St. Benedicts street, Norwich.

The private view will take place on the 19th of April 2013 from 7-9 pm.

Featuring artists: Andy Crowson, Anne Adams, Barbara Blatch, Davie Wild, Gary Rayner, Gill Wilson,Hannah Ayers, Laura Scott, Lewis Lenton-Kitsune, Marilisa Castura, Radka Myslikova, Roana Benfield, Robert Wilson, Ruski, Simon Foster, Sophia Barnes, Teresa Coldiccott, Tricia Frances and more.

To see more and photographs from the last Exposure please go to:


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