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Pop and Abstract: new exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff

Abstract art is not everyone’s cup of tea, but The National Museum Cardiff is hosting an exhibition showcasing works by a group of artists that transformed British art in the postwar period. Inspired by the latest developments in the US, pop and abstract artists used vibrant colour and the language of advertising to create a progressive style.

Buses (1964) Allen Jones (1937-)

Buses (1964) by Allen Jones

Pop and Abstract also explores the way in which artists based in Wales, such as Ken Elias and John Selway interpreted the “swinging sixties,” therefore the exhibition draws on a variety of artists from across Britain, exploring their techniques and interpretations throughout this period.

Crazy Gondolier (1960) by Alan Davie

I love abstract art, and this exhibition explores revolutionary artists who began to make work that was bold, confident and signalled a decisive break with the past such as Alan Davie and Mali Morris, who disorientate the viewer, and treat paint in a spontaneous way. For example, Davie produced a vibrant dream-like picture incorporating a variety of shamanic and religious symbols from a rainbow and a snake to the cross in Crazy Gondolier.

The exhibition, which also features works by David Hockney and Bridget Riley, runs from the 9th March to the 1st of September.


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