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A little privileged…

So, I had the strangest experience yesterday. I was invited to a meeting at Coughton Court. I’m very fortunate in the fact that I live very close to this amazing property. The great thing about living in Warwickshire is the variety of different National Trust properties that I can visit. I have had my eye on working at Coughton Court for about a year though. I was quite determined to become involved as I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Discover a house full of intrigue and secrets © Andreas von Einsiedel

I was a little worried when I first drove there as the gates were closed! Turns out that Coughton Court is closed to the public at the moment, oops! So, using my initiative, I decided to try a different entrance- these grand places have more than one entrance right? Driving up a dirt road brought me to the coach park entrance and another gate, but this had an intercom- result! So, I was buzzed in, gates sweeping open and my little car trundled up right outside the amazing house.

From there on, I had no idea where to go, but luckily a lovely guy called Phil came to my assistance and showed me right up to the main house. Didn’t realise the offices were inside the actual main building- a Tudor mansion!

Coughton Court © Robert Morris

A side door took me into some intriguing corridors and I met Christian (Coughton Operations Manager), who showed me to a grand meeting room. Some scary Tudor portraits stared down at me as I was given the agenda for the meeting. Suddenly I realised just how formal this was! I was introduced to some amazing people who are involved in bringing the 2013 Arts Program to life. Not only did I get to see what is on the program for this year (which has only just been printed on leaflets this week!), I was asked to become part of helping it get organised. Wow!

So, I’m now living the dream. I get to bring the amazing Coughton Arts project to life including helping with securing funding, working with artists, putting together the exhibitions, helping with the live theatre and music events. Ahhh awesome! I’m so excited about all this. It will put Coughton Arts on the map this year. I’m going to work so hard at bringing this together.

I felt so privileged to be a part of the team and to work alongside people who have the passion, drive and experience to make it all work. So, that’s my big news. I can’t say too much about what will be on the program of events, but it is definitely worth getting excited about. Here is the 2012 program, which I sadly missed out on getting involved with. 2013 is set to be bigger!


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2 thoughts on “A little privileged…

  1. Wow, how brilliant! Congratulations.

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