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The beautiful work of Kate Alizadeh

After searching for more whimsical illustrations, I came across the work of Kate Alizadeh. Kate is a Falmouth based freelance illustrator who has a “fondness for pencils, paint, scribbles, silliness, spontaneity, stories, and songs.” She is currently completing a degree in illustration at Falmouth University. I have fallen in love with her work and I see great things ahead for her in the future. I thought I would share some examples of her work, and I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired me. I really should get back to my own drawing board and start producing more work. I shall let you see some of my own illustrations perhaps??

Some untitled pieces by Kate:

Hope by Kate Alizadeh

Illustration work for the band KID KIN album entitled New Day at Dusk

Untitled personal work by Kate Alizadeh

Bless by Kate Alizadeh

Part of Verbs (an ongoing personal project investigating the simultaneously simple, complex and fascinating relationship between words and pictures by illustrating verbs (doing words).) by Kate Alizadeh.


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2 thoughts on “The beautiful work of Kate Alizadeh

  1. Love these. Ethereal in some works, playful in others. And here’s one vote for “YES!” to see your own illustrations.

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