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The artist Victor Nizovtsev

I’ve been rooting around looking at cute paintings these past few days and came across the fantastic work of Victor Nizovtsev who paints ‘fables, fantasy and the theatrical’.

Victor Nizovtsev was born in 1965 in Central Siberia, in the city of Ulan-Ude near Lake Baikal. When Victor was young his family moved from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Moldova. At nine years old he entered Kotovsk’s Art School for Children where he studied for four years. In the 9th grade, he left home to study at Ilia Repin College for Art in Chisinau. He then studied at the prestigious Vera Muhina University for Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Upon graduation in 1993 Victor returned to Kotovsk where he began painting professionally. In 1997 Victor moved to the United States where he successfully continued pursuing his art career.

Victor’s art is highly symbolic with hidden clues embedded within his works, to help decipher the images. His work can also focus on simple imagery appealing to a wide audience. The paintings come alive with the use of bright colours and glazes that shimmer with light. Victor breathes life into each work inviting the viewer into these paintings, a separate fantasy universe, one filled with boldness, energy and rich hues. These soft and whimsical images fill the senses, allowing the viewer to be transported to a different realm.

As you all know, I love quirky art, so these really appeal to my taste. I’ve enjoyed discovering the work of Victor Nizovtsev, and I’m going to set about trying to find similar work. I love how these works become outpourings of fantasy and childlike innocence that reflect on stories and fables. With rediscovering old stories from my childhood, it makes sense that I am drawn to these images.


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4 thoughts on “The artist Victor Nizovtsev

  1. These paintings are fantastic! Thanks for discovering this wonderful artist for me.

  2. Nice! What a wonderful piece of art any of these paintings would be for a child’s room!

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