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A World Elsewhere: photo reportage from around the world

Since living in Stratford, I have slowly come to realise that there are lots of hidden gems in town. For example, the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre is not just a theatre! There are little galleries inside hosting exhibitions. I was lucky enough to view one of the exhibitions entitled ‘A World Elsewhere’ which is running till the 3rd of March.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

The theatre in Stratford.

Featuring the work of over 30 international artists, the exhibition gives audiences a window into the lives of people, places, cultures and communities from around the world. Curated by the Royal Shakespeare Company from the Foto8 Gallery Summer show 2012, it includes photo reportage of recent events such as the uprising in Libya, the spread of the Occupy movement and the build-up to the Summer’s Oylmpics.

The exhibition is linked to the Swan Theatre Winter season, turning our attention to different parts of the world during Shakespeare’s lifetime, with The Orphan of Zhao, Boris Godunov and A Life of Galileo. 

Here are some examples of the amazing photographs on display:


The Libyan Wish by Fabio Bucciarelli

Libya 2011

A Libyan fighter sits on a rocket launcher mounted on a pickup truck outside the walls of Sirte. The Battle of Sirte was the final battle of the Libyan civil war, culminating with the collapse of the four-decade Gaddafi regime.


Papua New Guinea by Timothy Allen

Central Highlands, Papua New Guinea 2010

Skeleton dancers from the Omo Masalai tribe. Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world with over a hundred ethnic groups. Even today, many of the remote tribes have only marginal contact with the outside world.


Kazakh Eagle Hunter of Western Mongolia by Christo Geoghegan

Bayan-Ölgii, Mongolia 2012

In 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Kazakh Prime Minister, Nursultan Nazarbayev, set out to try and reclaim the rich Kazakh culture and tradition lost during years of Russian ruling. Border agreements and forced collectivisation are some of the factors which led to mass Kazakh migration across Bayan-Ölgii (Mongolia) and Xinjiang (China) – here Kazakh culture and tradition are still intact as they were hundreds of years ago. The Kazakh migration has led to a cultural crisis in modern day Kazakhstan where Soviet rule has all but wiped out these nomadic traditions, such as hunting with golden eagles.


Occupy Wall Street, No. 2 by Ashley Gilbertson

New York, USA 2011

An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator sits in Zuccotti Park, New York. The demonstrators occupied the park for two months before being evicted by the police on 15 November 2011.


Herero Woman by Jim Naughten

Namibia 2012

The Herero are an ethnic group living in Namibia, in South West Africa. They speak Herero language and are traditionally pastoralists, making a living tending livestock. Herero women wear Victorian era style dresses as a direct consequence of German occupation over a century ago, when Rhenish missionaries set about converting and clothing them in the European dress of the period. The headpiece is a Herero addition and symbolises cow horns, paying homage to their cattle which made them rich.


Girl With Snake by Justin Jin

Guangdong Province, China 2006

A girl lies with a snake inside a tent at a night market where herbalists, fortune-tellers, food hawkers and performers compete for business.

Uchha Hansa Risten and Ucha Hansa Thommas by Marianne Bjørnmyr

Billefjord, Norway 2009

The twins Uchha Hansa Risten and Ucha Hansa Thommas are part of the youngest generation of Sami People living off coastal Northern Norway. The Sami are Scandinavia’s aboriginal people, inhabiting the arctic areas. This community fights hard to restore and maintain a culture almost lost.

Combining photojournalistic, portrait and travel photography, the show aims to shine a light on subjects that shape our world. The exhibition room itself was a fantastic setting for the photographs, with music from around the world filling the space. I felt as though I was being transported elsewhere, away from Stratford. The whole room ignites the senses. Overall, a fantastic exhibition, and I thoroughly recommend it to others.


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6 thoughts on “A World Elsewhere: photo reportage from around the world

  1. A good read and some very interesting photos. Enjoyed it, thank you 🙂

  2. Very interesting and informative reading, thank you for sharing it with us! I’ve been to Stratford a couple of years ago and loved the city. I found it very cosy in spite of all the fame and some places are ever so beautiful!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post! I’m really lucky to live in Stratford, it is a lovely place to live and there is so much to discover.

      • It would be really interesting to read about the places and things you discover, may be you would consider it for your future posts. You are a very interesting person and I think you can tell a lot of wonderful stories. All the best!

      • I think so too- I’ll make sure I do more exploring! Thank you for your kind words, I’m delighted so many people take an interest in what I write about.

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