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An Interview with MyriMogs



I haven’t done an interview in quite a while and I’ve had a few in the pipeline. This interview is special, as it is about my friend’s business, MyriMogs, which I have seen grow so fast! Her little sock cats are so popular and I love them!

I hope you fall in love with them too. A big thank you to Janine for letting me bombard her with questions.

1. Firstly, if you could tell me a bit about yourself.

For a day job I work in PR – as a video journalist at Harper Adams University in Shropshire. I’m 26, live in Blythe Bridge at the moment and enjoy playing my violin in The Stafford Orchestra. I have 3 cats- a one eyed black tom called Gussy, a black little girl called Zelda and a stripy tabby called Ali.

2. Do you have some artistic or craft influences that have helped to shape your ideas?

Really, the inspiration behind it all is wanting to create unique gifts for people. I adore cats and sock monkeys have been so popular of late. So I thought, why not combine the two? I’m quite good at sewing so I knew that side wouldn’t be a problem.

3. People can make personal requests for sock cat designs- how do you tailor the sock cats to suit each person- do you sketch designs or work with material straight away?

I ask people to specify certain colours that they like or patterns and I then source the socks accordingly! The best ones are from when people have given me more freedom but perhaps describe a person’s style. I made a skull patterned cat for a goth for example! I then use my discretion for the button eyes, whiskers and bow.

4. Craft skills and working with textiles have always been a passion of mine but I feel that these skills are being lost in education today- do you feel that more effort needs to be put into teaching these skills to future generations and if so why?

I think that sewing isn’t necessarily a skill that young people feel they need these days. But in today’s climate, money is short so being able to repair clothing or textiles is really useful. Even if it’s as simple as sewing on a button. There’s also the joy of producing something yourself. Giving a homemade gift is so personal and special. I was taught to sew by my Gran and Mum really, it’s a skill I’ve always used. Finally creativity should be encouraged by teachers. Not everyone is academically able, creativity is a talent all the same!

5. Where do you source your materials from? The patterns and colours for your designs are fab!

I spend a lot of my time in shops looking at socks. I like to keep a supply of nice ones for last minute requests, so it’s important that I shop about. I also use eBay for the filling, button eyes and tags for my packaging. The important thing is cost – I can’t really spend more than £1 on a pair of socks otherwise the profit margin would be too small. Shops like Matalan and Primark are great!

6. As you make more items, are there plans to expand? What do you feel the future holds for your business?

I never expected MyriMogs to be so successful! I want to develop more products- such as lavender filled kittens for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s cats etc and of course the MyriMutts! I would like to find a good local shop to stock them and continue with the craft fairs and commissions. I’d also like to have a website designed and see where it goes from there!

Thank you again to Janine for such a great interview. I really enjoyed finding out more about the MyriMogs business and wish it every success in the future.

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2 thoughts on “An Interview with MyriMogs

  1. They are so adorable! Thank you for sharing them with us!

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