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Getting my act together…with an Arts Programme

I’m disgusted with my lack of posts these past few weeks, so much so that I can’t believe I was nominated for an award. Well, I suppose you want to hear my excuses? I’ve been busy, yes, but mostly with planning and by that I mean, career-wise. A few more opportunities have come my way. I’ve been asked to be a permanent contributor to the Find My Food blog. This is a bit of a big responsilbity but I feel I’m more settled in Stratford now and have the time to do it. Plus its lots of fun and I get to ramble on about food.

Secondly, I’m moving to a different National Trust post. I currently work for the Clent Hills and Kinver Rock Houses, but since moving to Stratford, the trek to get to those places is pretty long. Updating the website for the sites is becoming more of a struggle as winter sets in, so I’ve decided to help out at a different site: Coughton Court.

Bye bye Clent Hills and Kinver Rock Houses…

Hello Coughton Court!

Now this beauty isn’t all about the house- they run a fantastic Arts Programme which is still in the early stages of development and which I’ve been asked to help with! I’m really excited about it, and I’m so glad I’ve been asked to help as I’ve been trying to get into this place for a year!

Not only do they have outdoor theatre events and artists in residence, they also have outdoor music events and poetry sessions! I’m so excited about getting involved. To be actually involved in the planning would be amazing and to help out for the actual events too.

So, what about the house itself?

“An imposing Tudor house set in beautiful gardens with a collection of Catholic treasures…Home to the Throckmorton family for 600 years, this finest of Tudor houses stands testament to a family’s courage in maintaining their beliefs. From a position of high favour to one of fear and oppression post-Reformation, the Throckmortons were leaders in a dangerous age, helping to bring about Catholic emancipation in the 19th century.”

Inside the house

So, hopefully this will become my new home…I mean, workplace haha!

As well as all this I’ve also been doing quite a bit of networking in Stratford itself and I’ve built up a few contacts with the local newspaper- so watch this space! Its not been all work though- I have been out and about enjoying myself. Actually, I’ve been out and about far too much- getting drunk at after show parties and waking up in hotels…random nights out getting muddy in fields…I’ll stop there before I lose my dignity. Let’s keep things professional shall we 😉 ?


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4 thoughts on “Getting my act together…with an Arts Programme

  1. Congratulations on the food blog and the move – Coughton Court looks very grand and fascinating. Oh, shame – what happened next?

    • Haha thanks!! Yeah I’m really excited about working at Coughton. And there are plenty of stories to tell about my drunken antics. Feel as though I can let my hair down now I’ve moved house!!

  2. supernova on said:

    Hi Kerry, what a classical place and all the outdoor events are wonderful. Glad your settling in OK, great post, SN.

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