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Party at the York Art Gallery

Another manic weekend- I might have some free time one day! On Saturday I attended the York Alumni party. The event included a private view of the Art and Music exhibition at the York Art Gallery, followed by a drinks reception in the gallery’s Burton Gallery. It was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow alumni and lecturers, and to hear about the research currently underway in the department. In fact, because there were quite a few PhD students there, they were enticing me into further study…It was rather tempting!

Unfortunately me and academia fell out of love with one another a while back. That’s not to say I don’t do any research anymore, as I absolutely love research and do a lot of it, as you can see from my blog. I suppose its the atmosphere of the actual academic sphere that puts me off. But talking to the students and staff at the party made me want to go back- I shall resist for a while! I’m still building my career and cannot afford to suddenly become a student again!

Portrait of a Lady (1741) by Cornelius Troost

The exhibitions were really interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve viewed the Burton Gallery, and the new exhibition ‘Art and Music’ was varied and interesting with mixed media. I was pleased that there were so many paintings and drawings from the Victorian period of course, and earlier!..

“This exhibition celebrates music and its harmonious and historic relationship with visual art. Using paintings and objects from York Art Gallery’s outstanding collections, it considers the role of music in abstract art, symbolism of music and representations of performance. The works, spanning over 350 years of art, are by artists including Bridget Riley, Juriaan van Streek, LS Lowry, Walter Greaves, Elizabeth Fritsch and loans from contemporary artists Jayne Parker and Jon Thompson.”

This is one of my favourite paintings from the Burton Gallery collection:

Preparing for a Fancy Dress Ball by William Etty (1835).

I love the colours and composition. I always stand in front of this piece for a while. It is quite large so there is a lot to take in. I love the work of Etty and he has big links with York too.

Portrait of Monsignor Agucchi by Annibale Carracci (1603-4).

I love the expression on Agucchi’s face. It really is a captivating portrait.

I’m truly partied out now- I went to a birthday party the night before. I have a feeling I’m getting too old for going out a few nights in a row haha! Least things are getting more positive now though and I’m enjoying life a bit more!!

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