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I’ve been all over the place recently! What a crazy few days its been. As well as suffering from exhaustion and nearly crashing my car, I’ve been doing just about everything. In fact, tomorrow is my first day off in ages. I didn’t have a weekend because I worked Saturday and then helped out at the NEC Festive Fair for the National Trust on the Sunday. What craziness that was! When I arrived at 9am (I must be mad!) I found out I was on my own working the stall. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I knew I had to sell memberships but I was terrified! Especially when there were crowds like this gathering:

You’d mess yourself too!

I also helped a lady on her stall too because she needed to dash off- so I ended up selling things I didn’t really know anything about. Made her some money too, which she appreciated.

So, back to other little things- I managed to meet the artist Mark Kaiser again at his stall in Stratford for the Christmas Market. To jog your memory a little, I produced a little blog post on his work many moons ago. It was great to catch up and see his work again. He’s such a lovely bloke! And he showed me his new stamp!! If you look closely you can make out ‘Mark’ which is hidden in the design!

Mark Kaiser stamp

Today I also went to Rugby Library which is also an art gallery and museum- what a fantastic combination!

You’re probably wondering what I was doing there- well, I was attending an event led by the Career Development Group for the West Midlands concerning the CILIP qualification for information professionals- ‘Chartership and Beyond.’ It was a really interesting session and its helped me to consider whether or not to go for the qualification. At the moment I might put things on hold as I have so much going on, but I can still gather evidence in the meantime and work my way towards it. The people that led the session really helped to answer my questions, so I’m really thankful for that. Sometimes it is so confusing what direction to go in!

Unfortunately the museum and gallery part is closed on Mondays but I’m hoping to sneak back to Rugby at some point and go view their collections, so I will keep you posted!

On another note, its been a really hard few weeks- it seems my friends, who I love and care about so much- are going through hell at the moment. I’m trying to be really strong and support them in every possible way. I hate seeing people suffer and even though I’ve been going through things myself with stress, I’m pushing all my own crap aside and helping them. I consider their well-being more important and will do anything for them. Trying to be a pillar of strength! So its been a while since I last posted, and will probably be a while till I next post. Keeping busy helps me to deal with things, and putting all my energy into helping people makes me feel like I’m achieving something!

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