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Christmas Craft

Its that time of year again when I start to get covered in glue, glitter and various fragments of red and green paper…yes, its Christmas card making time!

I’ve been so busy these past few days- in fact, this week has been awful. Last weekend I managed to de-stress by making lots of cards. Its a type of therapy for me, and its worked really well. So, I made some more today. Sometimes you make plans and they don’t quite work out, and when you’re at a loose end, there is always craft to cheer you up.

I thought I would honour the wordpress community by posting some of my designs haha. Feel free to try them yourself. I also made some Birthday cards too, as I needed to stock up. I know it seems really early to be thinking about Christmas, but it really does creep up on you.

Close ups…


The trick with card-making is to keep it simple. Sometimes people want to put everything they can on a card, and it doesn’t work out quite how they expected. I always keep my designs simple so they don’t crowd the card.

As well as card making, I’ve been doing some serious thinking and research as always. I’ve also got lots of training lined up, as well as all my voluntary work- basically I’m not going to have my life back for a while. Cue copious amounts of card making to help me chill out later this year!

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