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Transplantation and Made to Make

I’m still busy writing articles and I’ve also been ill (boo hoo!), but I found the time to post about two upcoming jewellery exhibitions being launched this week on the 5th of October at Bilston Craft Gallery. The two exhibitions are entitled ‘Transplantation: A Sense of Place and Culture’ and ‘Made to Make: Showcasing Eight Contemporary British Jewellers.’

Both exhibitions look exciting! ‘Made to Make’ focuses on the talent found in the region with eight past students of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design’s School of Jewellery. Exhibitors include Katherine Richmond, Stephanie Arm, Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton and Farrah Al-Dujaili.

‘Self and Other’ Double Brooch by Katherine Richmond

‘Separation Anxiety’ Double Brooch by Katherine Richmond

Jewellery made from Vario Acrylic, by Stephanie Arm

Joanna Briggs

‘Don’t give a Block’ by Hannah Fewtrell-Bolton

Necklace by Farrah Al-Dujaili

There is a rich variety of work presented through these different artists who each have their own unique style which you can easily see through the images! Plus, I also love looking at local home-grown talent, it makes me feel even more proud about what the West Midlands is offering to the public at galleries.

The gallery says of the ‘Transplantation’ exhibition:

“This exhibition brings together leading UK and Australian-based makers of narrative jewellery who use rich symbolism, precious or unusual and found materials to explore the personal and emotional significance of this artform.

Discover stories of journeys, family and social histories and what it means to belong to a place.  Each maker has created new work that responds to the theme of transplantation.”

‘The Grass is Always Greener’ by Bridie Lander

This exhibition looks equally exciting and I love the fact that work is linked to the ‘personal and emotional.’ Art can be the perfect tool to express one’s sense of place, and it is interesting that jewellery, as a medium, is being used in this way.

You can also join the curator of ‘Transplantation’Professor Norman Cherry, for a tour of the exhibition and insights into the themes and works in the show on the 4th of October 5.30pm-8.30pm.


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