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Recent Roman news

I’ve been writing articles for friends these past few days so I hope my blog wont get neglected too much. Luckily, because I am involved in so many organisations and also friends with such interesting people, I have no end of blog material for posts.

This post is particularly interesting as the story was in the news! The Bloxwich Research and Metal Detector Club, who I have mentioned before when I visited Tamworth, have been busy finding Roman goodies! The whole find, comprising of five brooches and four bronze coins, was unearthed from land near Overseal last month, which reveals the site has a Roman past.

dolphin’-style brooch

Image taken from Burton Mail Newspaper.

One of the finds includes this ‘dolphin’-style brooch (see above). The great thing about this whole find is that the village was not initially regarded as having a Roman past, but it now puts the settlement back by a 1,000 years from when it was first recorded in the Domesday Book during the 11th century.

I always think this is such an amazing reminder of what lies undiscovered where we live- it can completely alter your perception about where you live, the identity of your town, village or city.

The contents of the find, including the five ‘dolphin’-style copper alloy brooches, (named because of their shape), are dated between the first and second centuries AD while the four bronze coins date from between the first and fourth centuries. Needless to say, the Bloxwich Club have been invited back by the council to do some more searching!

I recommend people to look at their website to see more of the items that they have found over the years, as they really have quite a collection. For example, these Roman coins – silver denarii from the first and second century AD…

Image taken from Bloxwich Research and Metal Detector Club website.

I have actually been invited by the Club to have a go at metal detecting soon, which I am excited about! The whole experience will be a fascinating insight into metal detecting and also hopefully a chance to learn about the processes involved after you find items. I know these sorts of finds are quite rare, but I’m still excited about having a go.


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5 thoughts on “Recent Roman news

  1. Any ID on the emperors (if they are such) shown on the coins?

  2. jimmytheferret on said:

    I’ll save you the bother of checking, since I found the coins in question. Left is a denarius of Trajan from 98-99AD, featuring a reverse with Felicity standing and holding a caduceus and cornucopia. The middle coin is also Trajan, dating to 113 AD and has an equestrian statue of Trajan on the reverse. The right hand coin is of Antoninus Pius from 145-161 AD, with Virtus on the reverse holding a spear and parazonium.

    The “dolphin” brooch pictured above, as used in the Burton Mail article, was not actually one of those found at Overseal, but was an image I sent to them as being representative of the sort that we find. I didn’t get chance to take any pictures of the brooches or coins on the day of the search, but they were of varying, but similar styles.

    Jim Wall

    PS: Really looking forward to getting more searching done around Overseal!

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