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A load of junk!

Last craft week at Kinver *sad face* so to mark the end of all the crafty goodness, I have put a final post about our creative activities! This week we did junk modelling, or as another member of staff called it ‘recycling sculptures’ haha.


I found that a lot of children didn’t quite know where to start with it all. What do you make? How do you make it? Trying to visualise a final product is tricky business, and its a skill we acquire as we get older. A lot of the children seemed to have a good idea of what they wanted to make, but to actually get to the making stage, its all about selecting the right materials and making them work the way you want them to.


I love junk modelling, its always been a favourite activity for all the children I’ve ever worked with, and its such an expressive form of art. I’m glad the final craft week ended on this activity- might as well go out with a bang!

Seeing as the craft sessions are over, the focus is now on the play trail that is going to open this month. I can’t wait to post photos of it!

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