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A bit of progress

Today (after the torrential rain of Saturday) I went to the archaeology site in Stratford to help out as usual. I thought most of the site would be waterlogged, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to swim to excavate! I have taken some photographs to document a bit of the progress that has been made!

The medieval corridor!

Just to clarify, a lot of the trenches that have been excavated have shown foundations from the Victorian period, but deeper digging has revealed a lot of Tudor artefacts and foundations too. Here is one of the sites that progress has been made on. The archaeologists have managed to work out that this was in fact a corridor used in medieval times, and would have continued to be used during the Victorian period.

The Victorian Theatre.

These two images are from a different trench on site, which show the foundations of a Victorian theatre which once stood here! This was the first permanent commemorative building to Shakespeare‟s works in the town and was built in the late 1870s, in the gardens of New Place, but was later demolished.

More foundations.

Here is yet another trench. The archaeologists are unsure of what is being uncovered here as so much is changing as we excavate further, but there are definitely more foundations although what this area was used for is still a bit of a mystery. Today we found more evidence of post holes.

A bit of labelling.

As well as all the digging going on, labelling was also being carried out. This involved taking every little find and writing specific classification numbers on them in either white ink (glass) or black ink (ceramics). These were then placed in bags ready to be taken to the Stratford archives.

I was also asked to help with some site drawing too. This involved taking measurements (showing where the dark patches of suspected post holes in the trench are located) and doing an actual drawing of one of the trenches. I sat on the wet grass and then had a wet behind, but it was totally worth it.

So,  a busy day all round! In two weeks time there is a tour for all the staff on the project where all the recent finds and excavations will be discussed. One of the archaeologists is writing up everything about the site and presenting it as a research paper too, so it will be great to discuss the site as a whole.

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