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The evening sun at Clent

Last night I took a stroll to the top of the Clent Hills to view the sunset. Because it had been such a hot day, the evening was warm and there was a sense of tranquility over the city. I decided to head for the hills to have a look across the landscape.


Walking through the woods.

I started to walk up to the top of Clent at 7.30pm, so the sun was still quite high in the sky- but it meant I could take a few photographs of the light peeping through the trees as I made my way through the undergrowth.


Halfway up the hill- the view across the landscape.

The evening was still warm, and I could feel the heat from the woodland rising.


The view from the top.

I found the top of the hill and sat down on a bench overlooking the edge. I had a great view for watching the sun go down.


The evening sun.





Looking through the four corner stones at the top of Clent.

Having a walk through the countryside at night gives you time to contemplate a lot of things. I think it is the silence which helps. The view at the top allowed me to look across the West Midlands in every direction. I am thankful for many things in my life, but I think I am most thankful for living where I do, and being able to enjoy the English countryside from every perspective.


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