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Summer planting

Another week, another activity at Kinver. We were incredibly lucky with the weather this week, and the hot summer sun actually appeared! The activity for the craft fitted in well with this, as we decorated little plant pots. The children had so much fun with this- I think it was because they could get really messy with it!

I think I ended up more messy than them though…such a child at heart!


One of the pots!

The great thing about this activity was that we could leave the children to have a go, rather than them needing our help. Some people find it quite hard to actually ‘let’ children do craft themselves, as they might see the child struggle a little, but it is so important to let children work things out for themselves- that’s how they learn and develop. There is no right or wrong way to do craft, that’s the amazing thing about it! Freedom of expression!

The amount of parents that tried to take over when their child was making something really worried me. Let them make mistakes, let them do a bit of trial and error- that is all a part of learning and problem solving. I suppose it is because I was a Playworker for a few years that I find it quite easy to stand back and let children work.

In other news…

I have also had time to think a lot about my future this week, and I have decided to choose the path of archival work. It will fit in really well with all the heritage work I am currently doing, and it also means I can continue with my voluntary positions. I should be starting this work soon, so I am quite excited about this new chapter in my life!

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