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Craft and confusion


Another week, another event! I have been rather busy for the past few days which is why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual. A few things have come my way and I’m at a crossroads as to which direction I take my career and my future.

Yesterday I took part in the craft session for the National Trust, Kinver. The theme this time was woodland collage and it was fantastic to see some of the examples the children produced. I get such a kick out of seeing imaginative work, especially from different age groups. The photo above shows me helping a little girl create her work- she decided to do a woodland night time scene on one side, and a day time scene on the other- she used sequin stars for the night sky which sparkled.

Its little things like that which make my day ūüôā

So…leaving at the end of the day on a natural high, covered in glue and shiny sparkly materials, I returned home and as soon as I walked through the front door I¬†received¬†a phone call. It seems that my skills are wanted at another place! The opportunity would allow me to continue with all the other work I am currently doing and would be fantastic for building my career…

Although there is more to the story…today I had a meeting with another company based very close to where I currently live and they have also presented me with an equally fantastic opportunity, but this would mean sacrificing some of the work I am currently doing. I am really confused about which path to take! Arrgh!

One involves archival work (a real passion for me!) the other involves marketing and digital media (I love creative work).

I am really not good at these situations as I have been at a crossroads so many times during my life…

1. I was asked by the lecturer of archaeology at Leeds University to partake in a dig in Northumberland, but at the same time I was in the process of enrolling at art school. Archaeology or art? I chose art.

2. I was given the opportunity to partake in a scientific illustration course over summer in Greece during my second year at University. Do an extra course which could help my career or begin researching for my dissertation at uni? I chose the dissertation.

3. I was given the opportunity to join an expedition to¬†Antarctica¬†for a climate change investigation. Why I didn’t do this I cant quite remember, but I think it was because I had revision for exams. So I chose the exam revision!

Some of these choices seem daft when looking back. But it was the risk involved that scared me and when embarking on something new and slightly life/career changing, I do tend to panic. My problem is that I have so many interests: art (love gallery work),¬†heritage¬†(love working in museums), marketing (love digital media, websites, blogging, social media), archaeology (love digging!), libraries (working in archives)..the list really does go on…

If I could have a job which involved all of these things I think I would be the happiest person alive! So, big changes are ahead…which path I shall take I really do not know…If anyone could offer any advice I would love to hear from you!


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