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Phew what a day! Today I spent my time at Stratford at Nash House, doing a lot of digging. To explain a bit, there is an archaeological dig happening at the New Place site at Nash House. Nash House was named after Thomas Nash, first husband of Shakespeare’s granddaughter, and a wealthy local property owner.Today, it is a well preserved Tudor building and the ground floor is furnished as it would have been in Nash’s day. It is a pretty amazing place to look around.

Next door to Nash’s House are the foundations of New Place. This was the house bought by William Shakespeare in 1597. By the late 1590s, Shakespeare was an established playwright and had amassed enough wealth to afford a new family home. New Place was the second biggest house in Stratford at the time and it was where Shakespeare lived when he was not in London. He died there in 1616.


The area in front of Nash House is where the archaeological dig is now happening and where the foundations of New Place are. I didn’t get to take photographs today of the site, but I will when I next visit. This photograph shows what the garden looked like before the excavation started.

I really enjoyed digging today and found lots of Tudor items including bones, ceramics, glassware and a nail! It is really strange when you’re in the site digging as people can look down on you and see what you’re doing. When I happened to glance up today there were twelve people staring down at me! Hope they were impressed by my archaeology skills! Either that or my rear end haha.

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