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Thegns of Mercia at the Museum Part Two

Today I visited the Thegns of Mercia in the learning centre to see what Anglo-Saxon goodies they had on offer to show me. I got a little over-excited at the weapons, but the creepy furs were still there…including one from a reindeer. I have included a cute photograph that I took of a reindeer, to show my sorrow…


Did it make you go “awwwww”?

So anyway, back to the Saxons. They had a guy doing some runic writing, which was really interesting to watch- he was also dressed as a monk which made the experience even more authentic. There were instruments (which a talented girl dressed as an Anglo-Saxon was playing). I also saw a guy creating some protective armour from leather. The skill involved was great to watch and he was still finishing it after 18 months of working on it already!


The leather armour.


Detail from the armour.

I also enjoyed seeing all the different chainmail that they had (see photographs below).



The weight of these is indescribable. I could hardly hold them, but then again I am a little weedy.

I also had a good look at the weapons such as the Seax. The detail on the blade was beautiful. This particular blade is Læwatan; a Wælseax inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard.


I browsed the helmets that were on display too. I noticed that the children who visited really liked wearing them!


So, another great day in the gallery, I loved seeing all the guys again- and also met some of the girls who are a part of the group too.


I thought I would finish on this image- look at the fur!!!!! Just to add- all the furs are sustainably sourced 🙂


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