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Restore, repair…I’ll hand it over to an expert

I’ve got a book- no surprise there. Except this book is old, and its falling apart, and its not actually mine. I’ve been handed the daunting task of repairing an old family Bible which looks as though it has seen better days.


The front page is actually hanging by a thread, so as I lifted it open I could almost feel the beads of sweat gathering on my brow from fear, trying not to cause more damage to the book. The Bible is richly illustrated and very beautiful, so I can understand the owner wanting to preserve it. I decided to talk to my conservation peeps in the museum to see what they can do.


This is a photograph of the inside page. There is no date, but judging by the images it seems to be from the 1800s. Here is one of the prints inside:


I’m hoping the museum can help, as there is a guy who specialises in book repair and preservation. I’m hoping that I can be a part of the process too, so I’ll keep you posted on what happens.


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