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Egyptian Exhibition

I’m really excited to be blogging about this! A new exhibition has opened at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery:

Pharaoh: King of Egypt

I was lucky enough to have a browse through the exhibition yesterday, but I didn’t have time to blog about it till now. It opened on the 14th July and will be running till the 14th of October 2012. Through working together with the British Museum (they had my Hoard pieces so I’m glad they’ve lent us some snazzy Egyptian stuff!) the exhibition features over 130 British Museum objects, which have never been seen out of London before.

There is also some of the original Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Egyptian artefacts present too, and a series of talks in August (which I will definitely try to go to!):

Aug 4th. Working for the Dead talk on Ancient Egypt. 2pm. £5.

Aug 11th. Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt talk and demonstration  2pm. £5.

Aug 18th. Preparing for the Afterlife talk on Ancient Egypt. 2pm. £5.

Aug 25th. The Private Life of the Pharaohs talk on Ancient Egypt. 2pm. £5.

I like anything a bit freaky, and there are lots of weird and wonderful things in this collection such as coffin lids and little hippopotamus figures (yes EVIL hippo! The hippopotamus was a symbol of the god Seth, the evil brother of Horus).


This is one of the items from the collection- an Offering Table. Offering tables depicting food and drink were placed in tombs to ensure that the deceased had a never ending supply of nourishment in the afterlife. In theory the eldest son was supposed to visit the tomb of his parents every day to make offerings of fresh bread and beer.

However most people realised what an arduous task this was and that sons soon failed in their duty. To overcome this offering tables were included in the tomb furniture so that a ready supply of magic food was always available.


Evil hippo! This is an Egyptian figurine from the collection. I think its rather cute.

I was quite impressed with the exhibition, and it is apparently getting really popular- I’ve made a new friend in the galley who works in this exhibition, her name is Jazz and she’s fab- and she says numbers are growing. Hope it stays popular!


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  1. Interesting. Thank you for finding my blog, so that I could find yours.

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  3. Thank you for re-blogging my post! Glad you liked it!

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