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Hadrian’s Wall

MORE ARCHAEOLOGY- yes, I know you’re excited. Well, I decided to create a photobook from all the photographs I took on my trip to Hadrian’s Wall. It includes some Anglo-Saxon as well as Roman archaeology and information, as well as some interesting artefacts from museum collections.

I’m getting it printed in a fab hardback edition so I can gloat over my photographic skills. It is also to remind me of the sweaty humid hike I took up to Housesteads Roman Fort- I thought at the time that it would be amazing to just power walk to the top. However, when I got to the top, my legs decided to shake uncontrollably and I was reminded of how unfit I am.

I then decided to ignore this and power walk back down the hill. I even overtook a trio of big hikers (kicked some dust up into their faces as I sped past too) at full break-neck speed. They somehow thought that walking in a line across the path was acceptable to other walkers trying to get past. They weren’t impressed with me over-taking though. In fact, later, when I turned around, the trio had become a full set of about 12 hikers who were trying to catch up with me. This scared me a little. So I power walked a little faster (I felt like dying at this point).

It all turned out well though. At the end there was a little icecream shop and I bought a mini milk lolly. I like to reward myself sometimes.

As I got into the car to leave, the hikers turned up. Yeah, the slow coaches! I was dripping with sweat and had a mini milk lolly stuck in my mouth, but a cheeky pap to the car horn and a wave goodbye to them made me feel like I had all my dignity intact.


Enjoy the photos!

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall


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2 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall

  1. I love the picture. Where is Hadrian’s Wall?

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